How our journey began?


Husnu, my friend the founder of our lemonade recipe, has been a lemonade aficionado his entire life. During his college years, he discovered a lack of consistent tasting and fresh lemonade available through cafés and restaurants. In addition, most of the lemonade he was served contained preservatives or the flavors were destroyed during pasteurization. He understood there was a need that existed for fresh, high grade lemonade; but he didn’t know how to capitalize on it.

Over time, his obsession with lemonade was justified with the explosion of coffee shops that specialized in high quality coffee and could charge a premium for it. He also determined the source of inconsistencies in taste with mass produced lemonade. Than he came to me with this idea to help develop the brand using his knowledge of the production process.

It took us two years to built our manufacturing plant here in Istanbul. We were going to do something has not been done before. Question was; how we can built factory can produce same taste and quality of homemade lemonade? After building our first manufacturing plant, we find out we have to modify the factory. We hire best engineer who build in biggest juice factories here in Turkey. After putting our new facilities together under his advice we had to modified it one more time to get best homemade test out. It took us almost five years to figure it out how we can get get it right.

Husnu understood the importance of a strict adherence to recipes in order to consistently produce the same flavor of lemonade every time. He also knew how the flavor of the lemons and oranges change depending upon the season and how to best purchase the right produce at the right time. So out lemonade test does not change due to season. Ultimately, the restaurants attempting to make their own lemonade find that the taste changes depending upon who is responsible that day for its production. It also loses flavor if a batch is held for a few days in order to completely sell through.

Our lemonade provides restaurants with an incredible tasting beverage in quantities that are scalable to the business for the day. The frozen concentrate is quickly converted to delicious lemonade in moments to ensure the same great taste every time.